When Webex Teams shares link previews, it shares the link with Google Safe Browsing for verification. Webex Teams also reads the metadata of the website to display in the preview, the computer's IP address might be shared with the website. This normally happens when users click links, but you might prefer to not allow the app to do this on their behalf.

This feature is enabled by default, however users on Android, iPhone or iPad can choose if they see the previews in their app.

We only show previews for links when the website links:

  • Include either https:// or http://.

  • Are shared between people in your organization.

  • Are shared in spaces with 250 people or less.

  • Are checked by Google Safe Browsing.

  • Have a site title and the description must be longer than 10 words.


From the customer view in https:/​/​admin.webex.com, go to Services and on the Message card click Settings.


Scroll to Collaboration Restrictions and toggle Preview Shared Links to off.