You may want to delete your free account if you no longer use Webex, or in the following scenarios:

  • When you upgrade to a paid plan: When you buy a plan on, Webex creates a new site. If you had a free account, you may end up having two Webex sites to choose from each time you sign in.

  • Before you swtich to a managed plan: If you signed up for a free trial with your work or school email, your IT administrator may encounter issues while adding you to the organization's plan using the same email address.


Sign into your Webex Meetings site.


If you have any scheduled meetings or recordings stored on the site, click Recordings and then download the recordings you want to keep. You won’t be able to access scheduled meetings or stored recordings again after deleting your account.


Click the down arrow next to your name, and then select Site administration.


If you don't see Site administration in the menu, raise a support case.


Click Delete Organization to delete your free plan.

If you don't see the option to delete your free Webex Teams user account, then open a support case or contact your Webex administrator.

Deleting your free Webex Teams user account and associated data is permanent. You can’t recover accounts that are deleted.


Go to and select the ellipsis on the top right of the identity card.


Choose Delete account, and select Ok.


You'll get signed out of once you click Ok, and your account is deleted immediately.