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How Do I Edit an .MP4 Recording?

How do I edit a .MP4 recording?

Is there a native Webex editor for .MP4 recordings?

Is it possible to edit a .MP4 Webex recording?

What 3rd-party editors can I use to make changes to .Webex recordings in .MP4 format?

There is no native Webex editor to edit a .MP4 recording. These files can only be edited using 3rd party software that supports .MP4 editing.

Webex Meetings Suite (WMS) 33.3 and later:

MP4 recordings are supported in Webex Events.

Webex Meetings Suite (WBS) 32.5 and later:

The MP4 Recordings option is available for all Webex Meetings sites.

WMS 32.4 and earlier sites:

On Webex Meetings Video Conferencing enabled sites, Network Based Recordings will be created as .MP4 files.

The followings are some examples of MP4 editors:


Mac Note: These applications are not owned or supported by Cisco Webex. Contact the software manufacturer for any assistance.

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