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Webex Data Retention FAQ

Webex Data Retention FAQ

How can a Webex customer see how much data they are using?

What is the default data retention policy for Webex?

What happens to messages deleted by end users?


Webex Data Retention FAQ

Q. Does the retention policy apply to the entire org?
A. Yes. Once it is set, it applies to all spaces created by users of the org, messages sent and content shared in those spaces.

Q. What if a customer doesn’t explicitly set the retention policy?
A. The default retention policy is indefinite.

Q. What happens to the messages when they are deleted by end users?
A. Messages deleted by the end users are soft deletes. Even if a message is deleted by an end user, it exists in the system and is accessible by the compliance officer. It is permanently removed only after the retention period.

Q. What type of content is purged?
A. All messages, attachments, whiteboard content and events are purged from everywhere except from the backups.
Webex Data is permanently purged from the production system and is not accessible to anyone as per customer retention policy in Control Hub. 
All Webex data is backed up for 30 days, so it can be recovered in the event of a major disaster. Backed up data is encrypted and is kept separate from production data and can only be accessed for recovery in the event of a disaster, to minimize the impact on customers.

Q. Does the retention policy purge the user content when a user is on Legal Hold?
A. No, the retention policy does not apply to the user content when a user is put on legal hold by a compliance officer. The user's content is preserved until the user is released from the legal hold. For more information on legal hold, see: Manage Compliance Data for Legal Hold in Cisco Webex Control Hub

Q. How granular can the retention be? What’s the minimum and maximum?
A. Retention is set in increments of 1 month. The minimum is 1 month and maximum is indefinite.

If your organization needs a retention period shorter than a month, you can request an exception from Cisco. The minimum retention period of 1 day or shorter than 30 days can be granted. Keep in mind that short retention periods can negatively impact the user experience.

If your organization has a retention period, we purge all user-generated content that your organization owns in accordance with the retention policy. Purged content is not recoverable.

Q. How often does the purging service run?
A. The purging service runs constantly to identify if there is any data to be purged according to the retention policy.

Q. Is there a way for customers or users to see how much data they are using? Is there any warning or alert when they consume all their data?
A. There is no way for customers to see how much data they are using. We do not send a warning/alert because currently, we’re not enforcing the limits.

Q; How can I check a Space's retention policy?
A: A Space's retention policy can be found by opening the space you would like to check, click on the "Space Information" gear icon next to the Team Space Name, and then select View space policy:

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