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What is an In-Event Activity Report?

What is an In-Event Activity Report?

What is contained in an In-Event Activity Report?

How do I generate the In-Event Activity Report?

Note: In-Event Activity Reports are only available for events recorded on the server (Network-Based Recording).


An In-Event Activity Report contains the following information:

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The "overview_all_session_export.csv" report contains:
  • Event Name
  • Date and time
  • Event Count
  • Number of attendees that attended
  • Number of questions asked and response rate for questions
  • Number of polls and response rate for polls
The "overview_individual_export.csv" report contains:
  • Attendance Count
  • Program Name
  • Event Name
  • Event Start Date and time
  • Attendee's FirstName, LastName, Company and Email
  • Attendee's Join Time, Leave Time and Attendance Duration
  • Chat and Chat time stamp
  • Number of questions asked and Answers
  • Number of polls, time of poll, and Individual Poll Result

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