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If the Host Mutes an Audio Line, can the Attendee Unmute their Line?

If the host mutes an audio line, can the attendee unmute their line?

Can attendees unmute themselves if they are muted by the host?

Will attendees be able to unmute themselves if I use the mute upon entry feature?

Can attendees unmute their line if I use the mute all feature?

See the bullet points:

  • Webex Meetings: Attendee can mute or unmute themselves, even if the host selects the Mute on Entry option from the Attendee menu. This behavior is by design and encourages collaboration in smaller meetings.
  • Webex Events and Webex Training: It is not possible for attendee to unmute their line, if the mute upon entry feature or mute all feature is enabled. That means if a host mutes the attendee, then the attendee cannot unmute themselves. If the participants have the ability to mute their line, then they can unmute themselves.
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