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What is Common Identity?

What is Common Identity?

Who can use Common Identity?

Is Common Identity backwards compatible?


Webex Teams and Single-Sign On (SSO) users are supported with Common Identity.

See below for Common Identity information:

  • One login and experience across products and devices
  • One user profile shared across products
  • One list of contacts available to search, call, invite and collaborate

Users with multiple accounts:

The following can be used by Cisco Webex Meetings and Teams users to login:

  • Mobile
  • Webex Desktop App
  • Teams
  • Centralized Login

Backwards Compatibility:

Common Identity implementation will also be backwards-compatible with the older versions of the mobile and Webex Desktop App clients.

  • Updated version of Webex Desktop App will be available for download
  • Updated versions of the mobile clients will come later
  • Previous versions of mobile and PT will continue to work as they do today.

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