Use this article to learn about current and future releases for Webex Desk Hub.

We're working to improve your device experience. Check back later learn more about the major updates available for your Webex Desk Hub. We update the article each time there is a new feature.

For information on new and upcoming RoomOS features, see What's New in RoomOS.

May 2022

Support for USB forwarding

USB forwarding is an experimental feature. It is launched with Firmware Release RoomOS

This feature allows administrators to extend the Webex Desk Hub USB functionality in three ways:

  • Use your Webex Desk Hub peripherals from your computer. For example, you can plug a mouse or keyboard into the Desk Hub and use them from your computer.

  • Support a USB hub on Desk Hub so users can have multiple USB devices connect to their device. For example, they could connect a USB mouse and keyboard to a USB hub, and then connect the hub to their device.

  • You can use a single cable to connect your computer for power, network, and peripherals.

USB forwarding is configured with an API command from the Webex Desk Hub Web portal.

February 2022

Support on Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Support on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is launched with Firmware Release RoomOS Webex Desk Hub is now supported as an on-premises device.

An on-premises device is a device that is registered to an on-premises Unified CM and that gets it's features and functionality from the on-premises Unified CM only.

November 2021

Webex Desk Hub

Webex Desk Hub is launched with Firmware Release RoomOS 10.10.

For an overview of the device, see Your Webex Desk Hub.

We're sharing details about our planned feature releases that are coming out soon. We may change the release dates and the features as projects change.

Feature development

QR code option for signing in and booking your Webex desk device

QR code is one of the options to sign in and book your Webex desk device using a mobile phone. It's scheduled for release in August 2022.

Point your mobile phone camera at the QR code on the Webex Desk Hub enabled for hotdesking. Tap the link "Open in Webex" on the app. This will launch the Webex app and user will then be securely sign on the Webex desk device. User can then complete the booking on the device.