On the Webex Meetings desktop app version WBS39.8 and later and mobile app 39.7 and later versions when Modern View is enabled, the meeting now opens directly when you select the meeting link.


Click Use video systemVideo systems to join the meeting from a compatible device. The app looks for nearby video systems.

Connect to a video device

If the app detects nearby video systems, you'll see a list of those devices. Select the video system that you want to use from the list.

Select the device

If your video system isn't detected, have the app call your device. Enter the address of the video system and then select the device when it appears in the list. You can choose to connect without pressing 1.

Enter video address

The app will either automatically connect to your video system or it will call your device when you select Join meeting.

If you’ve allowed the app to detect nearby devices (Settings > Device > Discover Devices), tap Connect to a device Connect to a device to join the meeting from a compatible video device. Select the device you want to connect to.

Connect to a device

After you connect to a device, the device joins the meeting automatically when you tap Join in the next step.

You can connect to on-premises or cloud-registered video devices using the same steps. The app listens for ultrasound signals from Webex devices using the microphone on your phone to make the connection. No audio is stored or sent to Cisco.