Keyboard Navigation

The application has limited keyboard navigation support.

  • Ctrl + Shift + Alt – Display/Hide the control bar.

WebEx Web App control bar

Low Vision Support

The application has limited support for low vision accessibility features.

  • The application supports the high contrast scheme of the Windows OS.

  • The application supports the zoom functionality of the OS.

  • The application supports high contrast scheme only with the high-contrast extension of Chrome browser.

  • The application supports browser text resizing and zoom functionality.

Screen Reader Support

The application has limited support for screen reader software.

  • The application works with the latest version of JAWS screen reader.

All the keyboard shortcuts listed in the Keyboard Navigation section work with Screen Reader.

Accessibility Standards

Take a look at the Webex Meetings Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates to get details about accessibility support in Cisco Webex Meetings.

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