Use Reactions in Webex Meetings


You can choose from 8 emojis to give instant feedback: thumbs up, thumbs down, happy face, sad face, laughing face, surprised face, applause, and celebrate.

When you click an emoji from the Reactions reactions_menu_icon menu, the reaction appears in the lower right corner of your video thumbnail. Others see your reaction in the lower right corner of your video, when your video is in their view. When your video is not in others' view—for example when someone is sharing content or when the meeting has too many participants for the meeting window—your name and reaction appear in the lower left corner of the meeting window so that everyone knows how you're feeling.

Reactions appear for a few seconds and then disappear automatically. Reactions cannot be seen by video device users and are not included in the meeting recording.

This feature is available on WBS40.11 and later sites. To find out which version of Webex Meetings you're using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.


In the menu bar at the bottom of the meeting window, click Reactions reactions_menu_icon.


Click an emoji to use it as a reaction.

Disable Reactions in Webex Meetings

As the host, you can disable reactions in Webex Meetings if you want to keep the focus on the speaker.


During the meeting, go to the Meeting menu and select Options.


In the General tab, uncheck Reactions.