The views that are available to switch to depends on the orientation of your device, how many people are in the meeting or event, and whether or not anyone shares content. There are advantages to using each of these views.

You can select from the following views:

  • Grid view—useful when you want to divide your attention across a lot of speakers in a large meeting

  • Equal view—useful for one-on-one conversations or small meetings with only a few others

  • Stack view—useful when you want to focus on the active speaker or shared content but also want to see other participants

  • Focus view—useful for when you want to see the active speaker or shared content full-screen

The maximum number of participants that can connect to a meeting with high definition video quality is 1000 and with standard video quality it's 1000. For information about the maximum capacity for meetings and events, see What is the Maximum Number of Participants in a Webex Session or Call?

Grid view allows you to see up to nine participants on an iPhone and up to six participants on an Android phone at a time. On an iPad or Android tablet, you can see up to 25 participants per page. This feature requires Cisco Webex video platform version 2.0. To find out which version you’re using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.

The sort order of the thumbnail videos is based on who has the host and presenter roles, the most recent speaker, who is showing their video, alphabetical order, and if anyone is sharing content. You can also set how many people appear per page. To learn more about the Grid view layout settings, see Grid View Layouts for the Webex Meetings Mobile App.

Grid view

When someone shares content in Grid view, the shared content displays in the first video thumbnail at the top-left of your screen.

Grid view with shared content

Equal view displays the video of the active speaker on the top and your self-view below. Equal view is only available when you're using an iPhone or Android phone in portrait mode.

Equal view

If you select Equal view when someone shares content, the shared content appears at the top and the active speaker appears below.

Equal view with shared content

Focus view displays a full-screen video of whoever is speaking.

Selecting Focus view

When someone shares content, Focus view displays a full-screen video of the shared content and minimizes the active speaker.

Focus view with shared content

Split View

If you're multitasking on an iPad, the video layout you choose in your Webex meeting adjusts to fit the amount of screen space you give the iOS Split view. This allows you to stay focused on what you want to in your meeting without needing to change your view.

Split view while mutlitasking

Switch Between Views

To change the view, tap Layout Layout icon and choose an available view.


When no content is shared, the default layout is Grid view, but the icon changes to reflect the layout you're currently using.