You can open a Webex Teams space on your Webex Board or Desk Pro when they are connected to the Webex Teams app. The annotations that you create are automatically saved in that space. A snapshot of your current annotated presentation is posted and stored in the space as a .png-file. All the people in the space can access the annotations and make further changes. For more on how to open a space on a board, see Open a Space on a Cisco Webex Board or Desk Pro.

If you're not connected to the Webex Teams app, you can save your annotations by creating a new Webex Teams space for it.


Share your laptop or mobile phone screen on the Board or Desk Pro. Read this article to learn how to do it.


When you are done annotating, tap and Create a new space. If you tap the home button, the text Save Your Work appears on the home screen and you also have the possibility to save your work from there.


Select the people that you want to add to the space. Participants who are connected to the Webex Board or Desk Pro are automatically selected. You can add others by tapping Add Recipient.


Tap the check mark to complete the process.