Webex for BroadWorks Troubleshooting Resources


Starting in October 2020, we are migrating BroadSoft customer support to Cisco CX support processes and tools. This means that Webex for BroadWorks partners need to move from using Xchange for case management to using Support Case Manager (SCM).

We expect the migration run for approximately 3 months and through the end of calendar year 2020. The BroadWorks/UCaaS TAC team will start supporting cases in CSOne / Lightning instead of BroadSoft Jira when you are migrated over. You may need to refer to cases in both systems during the migration period.

See Legacy BroadSoft Support Transition for details.

Useful Log Files

Log name Source Useful for troubleshooting
PSLog Application Server Flowthrough provisioning
tomcat access_log XSP Webex app login
XsiActionsLog XSP Webex app login interactions with Webex IDP Proxy, client interactions for device profiles query
authenticationService log XSP Webex app login (token validation and issuing)

Mobile subscriptions for push notifications

Call signalling

Webex app startup log

Windows: \Users\{username}\AppData\Local\CiscoSpark\current_log.txt



Mobile: Use Send Logs

Startup (sequence)

Entitlement checks for the user

BWC library initialization for connecting to BroadWorks

getUserProfile & JwT token fetch logging

BroadWorks calling Webex app log


Windows: \Users\{username}\AppData\Local\CiscoSpark\bwc\current_log.txt



Mobile: Use Send Logs

All SIP traffic for Registration and Calls

Keep Alive traffic to BWKS Backend

Mid call features that require signalling (Hold/Resume, Transfer, etc.)

Media (Webex Media Engine) log






Mobile: Use Send Logs

All Media logging

Codecs negotiated for a call

Mid Call features

Reading List

Serviceability Connector

The Cisco Webex Serviceability service increases the speed with which Cisco technical assistance staff can diagnose issues with your infrastructure. It automates the tasks of finding, retrieving and storing diagnostic logs and information into an SR case. The service also triggers analysis against diagnostic signatures so that TAC can more efficiently identify and resolve issues with your on-premises equipment.

For details on how to deploy the Serviceability Connector, go to Deployment Guide for Cisco Webex Serviceability Connector at https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cloudCollaboration/spark/hybridservices/serviceability/cmgt_b_deployment-guide-spark-hybrid-service-connector.html.