In the space, click Content, and then select .

If you haven't already added your account, click Connect to Account to add your account.

Click Link to Online Folder, choose a folder from your account, and then click Open.

When people have access in SharePoint or OneDrive Online to this folder, they can access the files in the folder in Webex Teams.


Choose Set as the default linked folder for this space and all files shared in the Webex Teams space are automatically uploaded to your linked folder.


This setting is only available if your administrator has set it up. If you don't see the option, then all files shared into the space are automatically uploaded to the linked folder.

You can see the files that are in the linked folder and any files shared in the space.

If you want to remove a linked folder from a space, click Content and choose Files . Then, select Linked folder, click , and then select Unlink folder from space.