Guest access is available only for Webex team meetings that have a meeting link. Meetings that have a meeting link still require guests to create an account before joining.

Verify that your meeting has a meeting link:

  • Windows and Mac—In a space, select Schedule , and then select Space meeting information .

  • Android—Tap More and tap Schedule .

  • iOS—Tap More and tap Schedule .

  • Web—Select the activity menu , choose Schedule , and then click Create manual invite to see the meeting information.

Guests can join Webex team meetings in several ways:

  • Guests can click the meeting link from the desktop app and join the meeting by entering their name and email.

  • Guests who join a meeting from a mobile device are directed to the App Store or Play Store to download the Webex app.

  • Guests using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari can click the link to the meeting in their email, the Webex web app opens.

  • Guests using any other browser who click the link to the meeting in their email open the Webex desktop app if they have it. If they don't have the app, the app starts to install.

Guests wait in a virtual meeting lobby until a member of the space lets them into the meeting.