On personal and shared desk devices, you can save your whiteboards by creating a new Webex Teams space for them.

You can also open a Webex Teams space on your shared desk device when it's connected to the Webex Teams app. The whiteboards that you create in your session are automatically saved in that space as a .png file in the Whiteboard menu. All the people in the space can access the whiteboards and make further changes. To learn how to open a space on a desk device, see this article.


Tap Whiteboard on the home screen. If you haven't already created a whiteboard during your session, a new whiteboard opens. If you have already created a whiteboard during your session, the last whiteboard opens. Tap Create new whiteboard icon to open a new whiteboard.


When you're done, tap Save and Create a new space to save your whiteboard to a new Webew Teams space. If you have created several whiteboards during your session, you can select which ones you want to share in the dialog box.

On personal mode devices, tap to open the list of whiteboards and save from there.


You can rename the Webex Teams space and select the people that you want to add.


Tap the cross in the right corner of the screen to go back to the home screen.