Select Preferences from the left navigation bar, and then select the My Personal Room tab.

My Personal Room tab

You can edit your Personal Room name. Your Personal Room name must be between 1 and 128 characters.


You can edit your Personal Room link. Your Personal Room link has these requirements:

  • Must be between 1 and 64 characters.

  • Must contain at least one alphabetic character.

  • Must not contain any symbols or special characters except hyphens (-), periods (.), or underscores (_).

  • Must not already be used by another user.


If you change your Personal Room ID, and your calendar has upcoming Personal Room meetings that use your previous Personal Room URL, you must update those meetings to use your new Personal Room URL. The previous link won't work.


You can change your Host PIN to something easy to remember. Your Host PIN must be exactly four digits, and cannot repeat or be sequential, for example, 1111 or 1234.


For Automatic lock, you can choose to automatically lock your Personal Room. Choose to have the meeting lock 0-20 minutes after the meeting starts. After a meeting locks, attendees wait to join the meeting until you admit them.


For Notification, check Notify me by email when someone enters my Personal Room lobby while I am away receive an email notification when someone enters your Personal Room.


For Alternate host, check Let others host my Personal Room meetings without me to allow another person or video device to host meetings in your Personal Room when you aren't there. Then, select one of the options:

  • Let anyone with a host account on this site or anyone joining from an authenticated Cisco video device in this organization host my meeting.

  • Let me choose alternate hosts for my Personal Room meetings.


    If you want to choose alternate hosts for your Personal Room meetings, enter their email addresses in the text box. Separate email addresses with a comma or semicolon.


Select Save.