Supported Models

IP Phones (desk phones)

The following Cisco IP Phones support Cisco Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call):

To activate your phone on Cisco Webex, the phone must run software version 11.0 or later (Cisco Webex Phone OS).

To check which phone model and platform you have, press Applications and select Phone information. The model information is at the top of the window.

Conference Phones

The following Cisco IP Conference Phone supports Cisco Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call):

Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832


Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 and 8832 aren't supported

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)


ATAs connect non-IP devices, such as analog phones, fax machines, and overhead paging systems, to your network and allow them to act as Webex Calling devices.

Phone Accessories

The following phone accessories support Cisco IP Phones with Cisco Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call):

Cisco Webex Room, Board, and Desk Devices

To activate your room or desk device on Cisco Webex, the device must run software version CE8.3.4 or later.

You must use a TRC6 remote control with the SX20. The TRC5 is not supported.