Ensure that calls are answered and that caller's needs are met. You can add greetings using our text-to-speech feature, set up menus, and route calls to an answering service, a hunt group, a voicemail box, or a real person. You can create a 24-hour schedule or provide different options when your business is open or closed. You can even route calls based on caller ID attributes to create VIP lists or handle calls from certain area codes differently.


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Services, select Call, and choose Features.


Click New and then choose Auto Attendant.


Choose a template.

  • Basic—Use this template to get started fast. It includes a greeting and a phone menu. After saving the initial settings, you can set up a schedule and other options.
  • Custom—This template is the same as the Business Hours template but does not include a sample schedule. Customize it with greetings, menus, and other options.
  • Business Hours—This template helps you to set up different greetings and menus when your business is open or closed. It includes a sample schedule to help you get started. Edit the schedule, and then set up the greetings, menus, and other options for your Open Hours and Closed Hours.

Name your auto attendant and choose the Numbers that this auto attendant will answer.

You can choose extension numbers and publicly dialable numbers. This step is required if the auto attendant is used to answer incoming calls. It is not required for auto attendants that receive calls only from a hunt group or another auto attendant.

If you're routing calls to a user or a hunt group, make sure the destination can support a high number of simultaneous calls. Otherwise, the call may not go through.


Set up the features that you need.