With a vast majority of the working population confined to their homes, both organizations and employees are attempting to adapt to the new "work from home" normal.

Understanding the pulse of your employees as they face new challenges while working from home (WFH) is of utmost importance, especially during times of crisis.

Cisco has created a solution that gives employees a “voice” to express their opinion on their WFH challenges, so that companies can make improvements that will result in happier, more productive employees, leading to higher customer satisfaction and better business outcomes.

Solution Features

The Webex Experience Management Voice of Employee solution helps organizations during the COVID-19 situation to provide their employees with an easy-to-use, anonymous, online survey to share their WFH experiences. Company management teams are provided with a real time dashboard to identify insights around employee experiences and act accordingly.

The solution provides:

  • Free access to Webex Experience Management for 45 days for up to 5 users in the organization

  • Collect anonymized and relevant feedback using pre-configured survey link from employees around their WFH experience

  • Access to real-time dashboards for the five users, with outputs configured to provide the best insights

  • Go Live in two business days with your live dashboard and employee surveys

Cisco experts will review the aggregated benchmark results and best practices in a webinar for all subscribers in the next 45 days. In this webinar, Cisco will explore the overall trends and patterns from employee WFH experiences and discuss recommended actions to take based on the insights generated by employee surveys. Stay tuned for the details and invitation for this webinar.

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Who This Solution Is For

This solution is for all organizations that have employees who are working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis. Specifically, company leadership and management teams who want to ensure they are providing the best experience for their employees and thereby the end customers who they are serving.

  • Human Resources teams who want to understand the key attributes driving the WFH experience and get ideas from employees on how to improve their experience. ​

  • Government agencies who have employees struggling with environmental challenges while answering inquiries from home.

  • Companies with contact centers experiencing a massive influx of support calls and are concerned about agent burnout and churn.

  • Customer Experience (CX) executives whose mission is to ensure customers’ needs are being met.


  • Provide a listening post to understand employee WFH concerns before they become problematic​

  • Increase employee satisfaction by giving them a “voice” to express themselves​

  • Remove barriers to employee performance​ and productivity

  • Ultimately improve your customers’ experience​ and their satisfaction with your company

How to Get Started

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