From the customer view in https:/​/​admin.webex.com, go to Services, and then click Settings on your Meeting card.


Enable Enable Webex Meeting number Prefix and Suffix and enter values for either one or both of the following:

  • Prefix for Meeting Number
  • Suffix for Meeting Number

For example, with a meeting number of 987654321, if you add a prefix of 77, then users join the meeting by entering 77987654321. If you add a suffix of #123, users can join the meeting by entering 987654321#123 . If you set both a prefix of 77 and a suffix of #123, then users can join the meeting by entering 77987654321#123 .

The prefix and suffix should not conflict with existing dial plan settings you have configured in your enterprise call control systems, such as Cisco Unified CM, Telepresence Video Communication Server, Expressway, or any third-party call controllers.


Make sure to let your users know the prefix and suffix they need to use with their meeting number when they join a meeting.


Click Save.