Put your headset into pairing mode to make it discoverable to other devices. Your Cisco Headset 730 can save up to eight different Bluetooth devices and maintain simultaneous connections with up to two devices at once.

If you already have two active Bluetooth sources, you must disconnect one before you can save another Bluetooth device to your headset.

You can also follow the prompts in the Cisco Headsets app when you connect your headset to your mobile phone.


Slide up and hold the Power/Bluetooth switch for two seconds until the Bluetooth LED blinks.

Cisco Headset 730 in pairing mode.

Enable Bluetooth on your device.

You can enable and disable Bluetooth from the Settings menu on most call devices.


Select your headset from the device list.

Your headset will appear in the device list as Cisco HS 730 followed by the last three digits of your headset serial number.