Enforcement Dates

Required password enforcement is only available for meetings, events, and training sessions scheduled after January 10, 2020. Those scheduled before January 10, 2020 will not be affected.

Password enforcements dates are different based on customer configuration and clusters. Customers are notified for the dates that are applicable to them.

Affected Meetings

Password enforcement applies to Webex Meetings, Webex Events, and Webex Training. It applies to guests joining through the desktop app or the Web app, for meetings, events, and training sessions scheduled January 10, 2020 or later.

Password enforcement does not apply to Personal Room meetings.

Users must have Webex Productivity Tools version WBS39.10.3 or later to avoid impact on their existing meetings scheduled prior to January 10, 2020.

Edited Meetings

For meetings, events, and training sessions scheduled prior to January 10, 2020, if you edit them after January 10, 2020, they will not be affected by password enforcement. Only newly scheduled meetings, events, and training sessions will have passwords.

Similarly, for recurring meetings, events, and training sessions scheduled prior to January 10, 2020, if you edit a meeting or event or training session in the series after January 10, 2020, it will not be affected by password enforcement.

If users are on a Webex Productivity Tools version earlier than WBS39.10.3 and edit meetings that were scheduled prior to January 10, 2020, then passwords will be applied to those edited meetings.

Join Experience

Required password enforcement doesn’t affect the join experience for attendees. For example, participants can easily join a meeting by clicking on the URL in the meeting invitation through email or through the Webex Meetings mobile app, without requiring passwords. Users who enter the meeting number on the web page to join a meeting are required to enter passwords.

Cisco won’t enforce password requirements for attendees dialing in to the meeting through a phone or video device. We highly recommend that administrators configure their sites to require passwords for attendees joining through phones or video devices as well.

Schedule Meeting Experience

Users who schedule a meeting through Productivity Tools, Webex Meetings add-in for O365, or Webex Pages will not need to enter a password to schedule a meeting. The password will automatically be added.

Password Enforcement Meeting Scenarios

Table 1.

Schedule/Join Method

Do users to input password

Joining meeting by clicking on meeting link using any meeting app (mobile, desktop or web app)


Joining by clicking Join button on Webex Meetings Mobile App, or Desktop App


Joining Personal Meeting Room


Scheduling Meetings, Trainings or Events from Outlook Productivity Tools, or Office 365 add-in


Joining from Video Endpoint


Joining by dialing in using phone


Joining Meetings, Events or Trainings by entering meeting number on Mobile app, Desktop App or Web App


Starting an instant Meeting using Meet Now functionality


This is low usage functionality and most customers and users use Personal Meeting Rooms. This functionality may be deprecated in future.

Yes – user must set a one-time password in preferences.

* Cisco recommends that customers enforce password on this method using settings in Site Admin or Control Hub.

Other Password Settings

With the WBS39.10 update, site administrators cannot disable passwords for meetings, events, and training sessions once required password enforcement is in effect. The All meetings must have a password settings has been removed.

If you enabled the Require strong passwords feature you won't be able to disable it after January 10, 2020.

Required password enforcement is for meeting passwords and is independent of account password requirements.

For Meet Now set the password to start one-click meetings.

The default passwords applied will be 11 or more characters, including mixed case, numbers, and special characters.