You can find the Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop App software downloads in the 12.6.0 folder of the following pages:

Learn how to view your upcoming meetings, start and join meetings, record meetings, share your screen, and change your preferences. Check out what's new in the Cisco Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop App:

Getting Started—To learn how to get setup and set the preferences in the virtual desktop app, see and

Start Meeting—As a host it's easy to start and manage your meetings in the virtual desktop app. For more information, see

Join Meeting—There are couple of ways to join a meeting. For more information, see and

Meeting Controls—Mute/unmute, record a meeting, share the screen, and more. For more information, see

Screen Layout—Switch between three different video views. For more information, see

Share your Screen —Present anything on your computer’s desktop. For more information, see

Record the meeting—To including the audio, video, and presentation, for sharing later. For more information, see

System Administrators can refer to the Administration Guide and Release Notes for more information.