Select My Webex > Preferences > My Personal Room.


To change the name of your Personal Room, edit the Room name field.


If your site administrator has allowed you to change the URL of your Personal Room, click Change next to the URL, and enter a new Personal Room ID.


If you change your Personal Room ID, and your calendar has upcoming Personal Room meetings that use your previous Personal Room URL, you must update those meetings to use your new Personal Room URL. The previous link won't work.


To change the PIN that you use when you enter your Personal Room from a video device or by calling in from a phone, edit the Host PIN field.


To set your Personal Room to automatically lock after the meeting starts, see Lock or Unlock Your Cisco Webex Personal Room.


To be notified when someone enters the lobby of your Personal Room when you're away from your Personal Room, check the Notify me by email when someone enters my Personal Room lobby while I am away check box.


To designate someone to host your Personal Room meetings when you cannot attend them yourself, see Add Alternate Hosts for Your Personal Room Meetings.


Select Save.