Hybrid Call Service (with the Call Connector) is only available in the US GEO. For more information about data residency, see https://www.cisco.com/go/webex-teams-locality.


Cisco Webex License Requirements for Hybrid Call Service

Other Cisco Licenses

  • A Cisco Webex organization with a paid subscription.

  • Each Cisco Webex hybrid call user must be assigned a paid license that provides access to core Cisco Webex messaging and meeting services.

  • The paid user license must not provide each Cisco Webex hybrid call user access to a non-Unified CM-based calling service, such as Webex Calling.

  • Cisco Expressway (free software connector license with hybrid services)

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager-based call control (Unified CM, Business Edition, or Hosted Collaboration Solution)

  • Cisco Spark Remote Devices


Cisco Webex License Requirements for Webex Video Mesh

Other Cisco Licenses

A Cisco Webex organization with a paid subscription that includes Business Messaging and Advanced Meetings at a minimum.

Cisco Webex video platform 2.0 (You can verify that your Webex site is on video platform version 2.0 if it has the Media Resource Type list available in the Cloud Collaboration Meeting Room site options.)


Cisco Webex License Requirements for Hybrid Message Service

Other Cisco Licenses

  • You need any paid-for Cisco Webex Teams offer for your organization. You can order this through Cisco Commerce Workspace.

    You also need to have access to Cisco Webex Control Hub, with administrator privileges for your organization (you get these as part of the ordering process).

  • You should import all Jabber users into Control Hub and grant them all the "Message Free" entitlement. This entitles all the Jabber users to the basic Webex messaging functionality.

    There are no additional paid license requirements for this basic messaging. Having this entitlement for all users improves interoperability between those who are enabled for Hybrid Message Service and those who are only licensed for Jabber.

We assume that all users are previously licensed for Cisco Jabber, with Jabber registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence.