Create a Call Pickup Group


From the customer view in, go to Services and select Features.


Click New, and then choose Call Pickup.


Fill in the name for the pickup group and add members. Remember that each line can belong to only one pickup group. Then click Create.

Types of Call Pickup

There are two flavors of call pickup:

Group Pickup

When you add users to a call pickup group and a group member is away or busy, another member can answer their calls.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • A line can belong to only one pickup group. For example, a user's two lines belong to call pickup group A. Those same lines can't also belong to call pickup group B.

  • The notification timer is set to 6 seconds, by default. After the call goes unanswered for this amount of time, other group members are notified. You can change this timer at any time.

Speed-Dial Pickup

You can assign call pickup to a user's speed dial.

For example, Johanna has Sudipto as one of her speed dials. Sudipto's desk phone gets a call, but he's not available. Johanna's speed-dial button for Sudipto starts to flash. Johanna can press her speed-dial button to answer the incoming call to Sudipto's phone.

Keep in mind that Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series support call pickup on internal extensions and phone and video addresses while Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series only support it on internal extensions.