All the core Webex capabilities in a single app are supported to help you seamlessly collaborate. This is just the beginning; support for advanced calling and a full-featured meeting experience will be added in upcoming releases.

Feature Support

The following are some of the supported features:

  • Create spaces and teams for collaboration

  • Read and post messages

  • Add Website shortcuts

  • Make direct calls with your co-workers to quickly connect 

  • Schedule and join Webex and space meetings

  • Fine tune the volume of your call and message notifications

  • Disable video in calls with one other person

  • Answer calls from multiple lines.

  • Faster failover to a backup path so your productivity isn't affected.

  • Customize your emergency services disclaimer.

  • Call the video address of a Webex Room Device (with free calling disabled).

Coming soon for Linux:

  • Advanced calling with Unified CM

  • Full-featured meetings experience

  • Enterprise content management

  • Whiteboarding

  • Background noise removal

  • Annotation

Linux Distribution support

We support the following distros:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04

  • CentOS / RHEL 8.2 and 8.3


To support the Orca screen-reader, you must include ACCESSIBILITY_ENABLED=1 in your environment.

Known Issues

  • Currently only 16-bit depth audio input is supported. Microphones with 24-bit sampling are not expected to be compatible.

  • Users on tiling window managers, such as i3, may experience focus issues when trying to search. It may require several mouse clicks into the search box to regain focus after typing.

  • Configuring proxies using KDE System Settings is not currently supported.

  • Linux clients are not supported for end-to-end encryption.

You can verify the cryptographic signatures. The key webex_public.key is available on this downloads page.


Import the public key:

gpg --import webex_public.key


Install the dpkg-sig package

sudo apt-get install dpkg-sig


Check the cryptographic signature:

dpkg-sig --verify Webex.deb

An admin can verify the cryptographic signatures, the key webex_public.key is available with the package on the downloads page.


Import the key

sudo rpm --import webex_public.key


Verify the signature

rpm --checksig Webex.rpm

The app is updated as part of the regular monthly updates.