How Do I Update the Credit Card Payment in Control Hub?

How do I update the credit card payment info in Control Hub?

How do I update the expiration date on my credit card?

How do I change my default payment method?

How do I add an alternative payment method?

How do I determine my current default payment method?


To see your default payment method and if you have any alternative payment methods set:

  1. Log in to the Cisco Webex Control Hub at
  2. In the left navigation bar, select Account under Management.
  3. Click on the Billing Info tab to view your payment methods:
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The 'Default payment method' appears:

To add a new alternate payment method:
  1. Click Add a Payment Method.
  2. Fill out the payment method details.
  3. Click Save
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Now the new payment method will be displayed as an Alternate Payment Method.

To change the default payment method:
  • Select Set as Default Payment Method on the appropriate Alternate Payment Method.
The Alternate Payment Method will become the Default Payment Method. The default payment method will now apply to all future subscription renewals, both automatic and manual.

It will also be the default payment method for any charges initiated via the Change Plan button or from the product sites ( when using the same email address.

To edit an existing payment method:
  1. Click on the Details link on the payment method you want to update (for example to change the expiration date).
  2. Once you have updated the necessary fields, click Save.

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