Can I Host Two Meetings at the Same Time with the Same Login?

Can I host two meetings at the same time with the same login?

How can I start more than one meeting at a time?

How many meetings can I start at one time?

Can I start a second meeting from my host account if I already have one running?

Can I start simultaneous meetings using one host account?


A host cannot start more than one meeting at a time. If you have a meeting currently running under your host account, you won't be able to start another meeting until the current meeting has ended. Meetings are associated with your host account when scheduled, and each host license may only have one meeting running at any one time.

If you need to have more than one meeting at a time, you will need to purchase additional host licenses. Each additional license will allow you to host a new concurrent meeting, so if you need to have five meetings running simultaneously, you would need four additional host licenses.

To ask about additional licenses for your account, contact the Cisco Webex Sales team. For help, see: How Do I Contact Cisco Webex Sales?

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