Webex now provides an integrated meetings experience when you join Webex standard meetings, Webex Personal Room meetings, and Webex team meetings from the Webex app.

Webex Meetings and Personal Room Meetings in Webex

Webex supports the following features when you join Webex standard and Personal Room meetings in Webex:

  • If you’re the host of a Webex standard or Personal Room meeting, you can start and host the meeting directly from Webex. As host, you’ll have the ability to record the meeting, lock your meeting, mute and unmute people, let someone in to your meeting, remove someone from the meeting, end the meeting. You can also transfer the host role to someone else so you can leave, and that person can end the meeting later.

  • When you join or start a Webex meeting from Webex, you can use phone audio options, including Call In and Call Me options, depending on your Cisco Webex Meetings account settings.

  • The People list shows the same participant information you’d see if you joined the meeting from the Webex Meetings app.

Meeting Capabilities for Webex Team Meetings

When someone who has a Webex Meetings account creates a space, the space creator becomes the meeting sponsor. When any member of the space schedules or starts meetings from the space, the meetings have paid Webex meeting capabilities, such as phone audio options, including Call In and Call Me options, depending on the meeting sponsor’s host account, recording, and guest meeting access. Anyone in the space can record the meeting, mute and unmute others, let people in or remove people, without relying on a single host. Because these meetings are associated with a Webex space, they’re ideal for projects that require continuous team engagement, context, and persistent history.

Meetings in the space can support up to 200 participants (previously we supported up to 100 participants).

Webex team meetings also have meeting controls that allow you to switch easily between the speaker view and shared content, view the People list, and make other changes to the layout. You can also see who is speaking or sharing content and also who’s muted or not connected to audio.

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If you’re an administrator, you can make sure that your Cisco Webex organizations, Cisco Webex sites, and user accounts meet some requirements to get the most out of their meeting experience in Webex. For more information, see Prerequisites for the Meeting Experience in Webex .