Apps in meetings

Apps that are approved by Cisco are available in the Apps panel, unless your Webex site administrator has disabled them for your organization. To find out more about an app, go to Webex App Hub, select the app, and then click Learn more.

The Apps panel is visible to all participants. When you select the option to Open together, the app is shared with all participants.

If you don’t want participants to see the Apps panel in your meeting, disable the panel when you schedule the meeting by preventing participants from sharing in your meeting. To disable the panel during a scheduled meeting, go to the Participant menu, and click Anyone Can Share to remove the check mark next to it.

Open an app

You can open one app at a time.


During a meeting or webinar, go to Apps.


Select the app that you want to use.

If you don't see the app that you want to use or need help with an app, see Help using apps.


If you sign in to the app and select a piece of content that you want to share with everyone in the meeting, click Open together.

  • To make your Apps panel larger, drag the left edge of the panel or pop the panel out.

  • If any participants accidentally close the app that you shared, they can click the name of the shared app that appears in the lower right of the meeting window. For example, if you're sharing Miro, they can click to open the app again.


Click Stop session to close the app window for everyone in the meeting.

The Apps panel isn’t supported on the mobile and web apps. When an app is opened by a participant on the desktop app, participants using the mobile and web apps can collaborate on the app.

Apps aren't available on video devices.

Apps aren't supported in Webex App meetings from a space.

I don't see the app that I want to use

If the app has been approved by Cisco and is available for meetings in Webex App Hub, then your Webex administrator hasn’t enabled the app for your organization. Contact your Webex administrator.

Apps aren't available on video devices.

I can't sign in to an app

Go to Webex App Hub, select the app, and then click Developer Support.

I clicked "Open together" but other participants can’t see the app

Go to Webex App Hub, select the app, and then click Developer Support.

The Open together option is available in apps that you can collaborate on with everyone in the meeting.

I only want to share an app with certain participants, not everyone

When you share an app, it’s shared with all meeting participants.

I want to get my app added to the Apps panel

Go to Webex for Developers and submit your app for approval.

Other people in the meeting see different apps than I see

The apps that you see have been enabled for your organization. Participants who join the meeting from a different organization may see different apps, although they’re in the same meeting.

I want to remove an app from the Apps panel

Ask your Webex administrator to disable the app.