Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions are available on WBS40.9 and later sites. WBS41.9 and Room OS 10 are required on devices in order to use breakout sessions. To find out which version of Meetings you're using, see Find your Webex Meetings version number.

Breakout sessions are smaller groups that are split off from the main meeting. They allow a subset of meeting participants to collaborate and share ideas over audio and video. Use breakout sessions for workshops, classrooms, or for when you need a moment to talk privately with a few participants, outside of the main meeting.

Known issues and limitations

Learn about known issues and limitations for breakout sessions in Meetings.

Roles in a breakout session

Hosts and cohosts create breakout sessions, assign participants and then, when they're ready, start the sessions.

Attendees can share content and use collaboration tools such as chat, to collaborate in smaller, more focused discussion groups. See Best practices for participating in breakout sessions.

Audio and video in breakout sessions

Each breakout session is a separate audio and video conference. If you connected to audio when you joined the meeting, it switches over automatically when you join a breakout session. You can mute or unmute your audio and start or stop your video at any time during the breakout session, just like you would in the main session.

When all breakout sessions end, your audio switches to the main meeting automatically. If your video is on during the breakout session, it remains on when all breakout sessions end and you return to the main meeting.

Meeting features available in breakout sessions

Manage breakout sessions


Meeting host



Preassign participants to breakout sessions

Allow anyone to join breakout sessions

Create and start breakout sessions

  • Maximum number of breakout sessions in a meeting: 100

  • The number of participants in a breakout session is limited by the meeting capacity of your plan. For example, for plans that allow 1,000 people, you can have 100 sessions with 10 people in each, 20 sessions with 50 people in each, and so on.

  • Choose to assign participants automatically or manually.

  • Control how and when participants are allowed to return to the main meeting.

Add, rename, or delete a breakout session

Move or exchange attendees in breakout sessions

Remove a participant from a breakout session

Ask all participants to return to the main meeting


If the breakout sessions aren't ended, the attendees' audio is muted when they return to the main meeting. Remind attendees to unmute themselves if they want to speak in the meeting.

End all breakout sessions

Lower participants' hands

Participate in a breakout session


Meeting host



Join or leave a breakout session from your computer, mobile device, or video device

Start or stop your video during a breakout session

Mute or unmute your audio during a breakout session

Share content during a breakout session

Use Chat to message others in your breakout session

Ask for help during a breakout session

Respond to a request for help in breakout sessions

Broadcast a message in breakout sessions

Raise your hand during a breakout session
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