View Recording Usage Reports or Your Cisco Webex Site

Site administrators can download recording usage reports that show information about the recording name, creation date, file size, file type, and more.

    1 Sign in to Webex Site Administration and go to Reports Reports > Common > Recording Usage.
    2 Select the beginning and ending dates for the report.
    3 (Optional) To view a report for a specific recording, in the Recording Name field, enter all or part of the topic name.

    When you enter a text string, you can use wildcards. Examples: * or ?

    4 (Optional) To run a report about the meetings that a specific user hosted, enter the host username in the Host user name field.

    Report data is only available for sessions conducted up to three months before the current date.

    5 To sort the report by date, topic, username, or start time, from the Sort results by drop-down menu, select the sort criteria.
    6 To view the report, select Display Report. To export the report in CSV format, select Export Report.

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