After you enable this feature, Webex checks for the token (Org ID) on your trusted company device for every sign-in. For devices with the token, the corresponding collaboration policies apply.

If your trusted company device doesn't have the token, Webex requires authentication using an email address from a claimed domain. If a user tries to join as a guest using a claimed email, join fails. Webex again prompts for sign-in with no option to join as a guest. One can join as a guest by using a personal email address that doesn't belong to a claimed domain.

Before you begin

Users cannot join internal or external meetings as guests on corporate devices (with the Org ID on the device) or with their corporate email address (with a claimed domain in Control Hub) without signing in.

Claim the domains for your organization

Add a token (Organization ID) to corporate devices


From the customer view in, go to Management > Organization Settings > Settings.


Toggle on the Authenticated sign in control.

Authenticated sign in feature toggle.