Share content in a meeting.

Anyone in a meeting, as well as a presenter in a webinar or event, can share content up to 4k. If you move an open window over the shared application, nobody can see it, but you can show your camera video over the shared application.

The Share content window can be expanded or decreased to any size for purposes of showing as many applications as you need. When you click Share to open the Share content window, hover over the edge of the window and then click and drag to your preferred size.

Share your screen

When you share your screen, everyone can see what you see. If you have a Word document or a PowerPoint slide, or even a website or chat window open, they see it.


Before your meeting, mute notifications and close any personal or sensitive documents. This way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally sharing private or distracting information.


When sharing content, you can access the share toolbar by moving your mouse to where it says 'You're sharing this screen.' A drop-down list shows your options. To hide it again, move the mouse away.

Click Share Share icon and select the screen that you want to share.

Share only a specific application

When you share a specific application, others can't see anything other than the shared application. For example, if you have your browser and PowerPoint open and you choose to share PowerPoint, they can't see the browser tabs. But if you have several PowerPoint presentations open, you can switch between them. If you move another application in front of the one you share, participants can still only see your shared application.


If you accidentally click on an application that’s not shared, they'll still see only the application being shared.

Share an application, whether you have it open or not:

  • To share an open application, click Share Share icon and select an application from the list.
  • To share an application that you don't have open, select Share Share icon > Other Applications, then click Share next to the application.

Share multiple applications

Share multiple applications from the Share content menu.

Click Share content.

  • Windows—hold Ctrl and select multiple applications.
  • Mac—hold Shift and select multiple applications.

Share a window from the taskbar

If you're using Windows 11, share the window of any open application directly from the taskbar without having to select it from the sharing options in your meeting or webinar.

Hover over an application in your taskbar and click Share this window on the pop-up of the application window.

Share video content

Sharing video content is slightly different than sharing any other type of content. To handle this difference, meetings and webinars have an optimization selection specifically for motion and video.

Click ShareShare icon, then select Optimize for motion and video from the drop-down list, and choose the screen or application you want to share.


Check the Share your computer audio box so that the video sound comes directly through the audio conference.

Share a file

Sharing files allows you to share a single file. It could be anything, like a document or video file stored on your computer.


If you already have the file open, share your screen or application. File sharing may not work when you're trying to share a PowerPoint presentation with embedded video.


Click Share content, then select File > Next.


Choose the file that you want to share.

Your file opens in the meeting, webinar, or event window, where people in the meeting can collaborate on it.

Share video from your camera

During a meeting or webinar, share your computer's built-in camera or an external USB camera just like you share your desktop. When you share, participants can see whatever your camera sees. They can also still see your self-view.

You can't share video from your camera in Events (classic).

Click Share , then select Camera.


Choose the camera that you want to share and click Share.

Your camera's video appears in the meeting window.

(Optional) If you selected the wrong camera or want to change cameras, click Switch camera and choose a camera.

See what you're sharing

When you’re sharing content, you want to make sure you share only what you want and that everyone in the meeting can see it. When you share your screen or an application, check what everyone else sees by opening a window that shows you what you're sharing.

While sharing, go to the tab in the meeting control bar at the top of the screen and click the arrow.

Preview of your screen share


To expand or collapse the control bar at the top of the screen, click the arrow. If the share control bar is covering the shared content, you can drag the bar to any other edge of the screen.