Add Course Material When You Schedule a Training Session

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Add Course Material


When scheduling a training session, you can publish files and course material on your Training Center website. This option lets participants download course material for review, preparation, testing, and so on, before the session starts. To publish course material, you can either select files already in your personal folders in My Folders, or upload new files to My Folders first and then select them for publication on your site.


Once you publish course material, participants can download it from the Session Information page on your Training Center website. Once you approve participants' registrations, they receive a confirmation email message that contains a link to the Session Information page.


Any file that you publish that is in the Universal Communications Format (UCF), which has a .ucf extension, automatically opens in your content viewer once you start the session. If participants have downloaded a published UCF file before the session starts, it automatically opens in their content viewers once you start the session. Up to ten published UCF files automatically open in the content viewer.


To download UCF files that you publish, participants must install software that automatically caches, or stores, the file on their computers. Once a participant accesses the Session Information page on which you have published a UCF file, a security warning message box appears, in which the participant must select Yes to install the caching software.


Without the software, a participant cannot download the UCF file, and it will not open automatically in the participant's content viewer once you start the session.


Publish Course Material for a Scheduled Training Session




    You can customize the registration confirmation email message to instruct participants to download course material before the session starts. If you publish a UCF file, you can also instruct participants to select Yes when the Java security message appears on the Session Information page, which allows them to download the UCF file. For details about customizing a registration confirmation email message, see Customize an Email Message.



    If you provide a description of a file in your personal folders, the description appears under the filename on the Session Information page. This description can help participants to identify the course material. You can provide a description when either initially storing the file in your personal folders, or at any time by editing the file's description.



    If you specify a password for your training session, participants must provide the password on the Session Information page to download the course material.


1    On the Schedule Training Session page or Edit Scheduled Training Session page, select Course Material > Add Course Material.
2    Do the following:

    To upload the course material files to My Folders, enter the filename or select Browse to locate the file. Select Upload.


    To publish files already in My Folders, check the check box next to the name of the file or files that you want to publish, then select Add.

3    (Optional) To remove a file, select Remove next to the filename.
4    Select Schedule or Update.

Add a Test While Scheduling a Training Session


To test attendees, add tests to the training session that they are attending.




During the training session scheduling process, you can only add a test that you have already created and saved to the Test Library.


During scheduling, if you selected the option to automatically delete the training session from your Training Center website after it ends, a message box appears. If you do not turn off this option, you lose all tests associated with this session.

1    Select Tests > Add Test.
2    Select a test on which to base your new test, and then select Next.
3    Type a name for your new test, select test delivery options, and then select Save.  

For details, see Specify Test Delivery Options for a Scheduled Training Session.

4    Repeat these instructions to add multiple tests to your training session.
5    Select Schedule or Update.