Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android Release Notes

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Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android Release Notes


These release notes describe the new features, known issues, and limitations for Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android:


What’s New in this Release?

What's New in Meetings 10.0


Floating Bar Automatically Hides


The floating bar now automatically hides after approximately three seconds, while the mobile user is viewing a share in full screen mode.




This feature works only in landscape mode.


Limited Support for the Android Oreo Operating System


With this release, we announce official support for the Android Oreo (“Android O”) operating system for Android mobile device users.


Please note the following limitations:


    Cross-launching meetings from an email invitation or from the browser currently fails. A fix for this will be available in these releases:












    In-meeting shortcut creation does not work in Android Oreo



What's New in Meetings 9.14


Improved Performance when Joining Meetings


The time required to join meetings has been reduced by up to 1.5 seconds.


View Participant Video and Names


Participant video and participant names are now visible in Android when they come from Telepresence systems within the same WebEx Meeting Center Video Conferencing-enabled meeting. Also, other participants can now see the Android user’s video and name.


This aligns with video multi stream functionality introduced in a previous version of WebEx Meeting Center.


Limited Chromebook Support WebEx Meetings for Android can now join and start Meeting Center meetings, Event Center events, and Training Center sessions on supported Chromebooks.


Some limitations apply:


    Cannot send video if the camera is occupied by another app in the Chromebook



    Shortcuts in Chromebook are not active



    Does not support cross launching from browser



    Does not support EC / TC registrations



    Does not support sharing



    In-meeting panels, such as the Participant List and the audio or video panels, disappear after the window size changes



    Only supports Stable Channel Chromebooks. Please see the full list of Stable Channel Chromebooks here:



Password Recovery from the App


You can now recover your password directly from the Meetings app for non-secure-sign-on (SSO) sites.


Support for Other Telephony and Legacy VoIP


Previously, for TSP non-hybrid sites, Android audio preferences only supported no Telephony with integrated VoIP. Now, Android audio preferences allow support for Telephony or other Telephony with integrated VoIP.


What's New in Meetings 9.13


Flip and Display Device Camera in Full Screen


You can now flip your device camera and bring it to full screen mode in any WebEx scenario. This improves the usability for attendees wearing smart glasses, or who want to show remote participants their physical surroundings, such as whiteboards or documents.


Cisco WebEx Event Center and Training Center Sessions in Widget Calendar


Widget users can now see Cisco WebEx Event Center and Training Center Sessions in their widget calendar.


What's New in Meetings 9.12


Contact Lookup Using Exchange Sync, for in-app Scheduling


The WebEx in-app scheduler can now sync up with Microsoft Exchange, allowing users access to their corporate directory to easily look up invitees.


Improved Bluetooth Support


Cisco Meetings now has improved support for Bluetooth on the following devices:


    Samsung Galaxy S5



    Samsung Galaxy S6



    Lenovo Yoga tablet



    Nexus 6



Samsung Galaxy S8 Support


With this release, Cisco announces official support for Samsung Galaxy S8 devices.


What's New in Meetings 9.11


Higher Resolution Videos


The user experience was improved with higher resolution display for in-meeting videos. Resolutions up to 720p are now supported on Android.


Improved Performance Starting and Joining Meetings


The time required for meetings to start and to join meetings was reduced by up to 4 seconds.


Callback to Video System Officially Supported


The option Find video system is no longer in beta, and is now officially supported.


In a previous release, the user experience was improved with the addition of a new callback option that provides a quick and easy meeting connection to a local video system.


The new option Find video system detects and connects with nearby video systems, provided the systems are proximity-enabled and registered to an on-premise system.


Widget Shortcuts


You can now add a 1x1 widget to your home screen, to easily join WebEx meetings or Personal Rooms. This feature is for Meeting Center meetings only.


What's New in Meetings 9.10


Widget Shortcut


The workflow to launch a Personal Room or recurring meeting has been improved with the addition of a new widget shortcut.


French Translation


For French users, Cisco WebEx Meetings for all devices now show French translation of labels and product names in Event Center, Meeting Center and Training Center within the app.


Improved Performance Starting and Joining Meetings


The time required for meetings to start and to join meetings was reduced.


Meetings 9.9


Cisco WebEx Training Center Sessions and Event Center Events in the Meeting List


Cisco WebEx Training Center sessions and Event Center events that you are a participant in now appear in your meeting list along with your Meeting Center meetings.


Google Pixel Support


The WebEx Meetings app for Android now supports Google Pixel phones.


Meetings 9.8


Streamlined Sign In


Mobile users can now sign in or join their Personal Rooms without being redirected out of the app to their device’s browser to enter their sign-in information.


Customized Country Lists and Flags


Mobile Cloud Connected Audio Service Provider (CCA-SP) meetings now support the display of customized country lists and flags.


Support for MP4 Videos


Mobile users can now view MP4 network-based recordings and download them for offline viewing. Users can view MP4 videos only. Users who want to make WebEx Advanced Recording Format (ARF) files available for offline viewing must first convert them to MP4 format and then upload them to the WebEx site.


Meetings 9.7


Request Permission at Run Time


WebEx on Android devices running operating system (OS) version 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later now requests OS permissions at run time. Permissions are now requested on demand, when a particular action is taken that requires that permission.


Some examples of actions that require permission:


    After successfully signing in: request to access the device calendar



    After starting or joining a meeting: request to use the phone



    Tapping the video icon: request access to photos and video



If any of these requests are denied, then the prompt will appear again. You can also access the permission settings for your device and manage permissions there.


New Call-in Function on Audio Menu


The audio menu has a new function to “Call-in” which you can tap to call in to a meeting from your device. Also supported is functionality to automatically call in, which is enabled using the “Automatic connection” setting on the WebEx settings page. The setting applies to both hosts and attendees, whether they are signed in or not.


Audio Experience Enhancements


Enhancements were made to improve and simplify connecting to audio after joining a meeting:


    The wording on the audio menu was changed to improve clarity. The menu item now says “Call over Internet” for connecting audio to a meeting using the Internet.



    TSP and MeetingPlace sites now support the “Auto Call me” feature.



Remember Home Page


WebEx Meetings now remembers the home page from your last session. The last page visited is the first page you see when you go back to the app or re-launch it:


    My Meetings,



    Start Personal Room, or






Message for Unsupported Devices


A message to users using a device with an Intel x86-based CPU and OS 4.4.2 clearly states their device is unsupported, and provides a link to FAQs with further details.


Pause and Resume Automatic Meeting Recordings


Meeting hosts can now pause and resume recordings in meetings where recordings are automatically started. This option is enabled by the site administrator in the Cisco WebEx Administration Tool.


User Types Show in Waiting List


Security for Personal Rooms was improved with a feature that allows meeting hosts to tell which users are internal and which users are external. Previously, meeting hosts could only see everyone waiting in the Personal Room lobby, but not be able to tell which users were signed in and which users weren’t. Now, the waiting list is sorted by signed in users and external users. The list now has an option to select which users can join a meeting.


Resolved Issues in this Release

Bug fixes in version 9.8


Bug Number






Fixed an issue in Android where meeting invitations sent from a system set to one language would not appear in the WebEx meeting list if the invitee's Android device was set to a different language.


Bug fixes in version 9.6


Bug Number






Fixed an issue where users were able to write a chat message to the host and click Send, even though they should not be able to send message to the host.




Fixed an issue where the meeting app would become unstable or stop functioning with an “Out of Memory” error after rotating the screen several times when video callback was in progress.




Fixed an issue where the Mute/Unmute icon was always red after declining video callback from a telepresence system.


Bug fixes in version 9.5


Bug Number






Fixed an issue where Android devices were unable to join meetings using end-to-end encryption (E2EE).




Fixed an issue where Android users were locked when they updated to the Android API version 23.


Supported Devices and Operating Systems


Cisco WebEx Meetings Minimum OS Requirements


Depending on the version of the WebEx Meetings app, there are minimum OS requirements:


WebEx Meetings App Version


Minimum OS Required


9.0 and later


4.1 and later


8.6 and later


4.0.3 and later


8.0 and later


2.3 and later


Your device must also have a Medium (320x240) resolution screen or higher.


Two-way Video Support


In general, all Android smartphones and tablets that support the minimum requirements will be able to send and receive video in a WebEx Meeting.


Smartphones with Android OS 4.0 or higher will support Cisco WebEx video. Smartphones with dual core or above processors will be able to send and receive video while single core processors will still be able to receive video.


The following smartphones have been tested and optimized for Cisco WebEx 2-way video:


    Motorola Razr XT928



    Samsung Galaxy Nexus



    Samsung Galaxy S3



    Samsung Galaxy S4



    Samsung Galaxy S5



    Samsung Galaxy S6



    Samsung Galaxy Note 2



    Samsung Galaxy Note 3



    HTC One X



    Google Nexus 4



    Google Nexus 5



Tablets with Android OS 3.0 or higher will support Cisco WebEx 2-way video. The following tablets have been tested and optimized for Cisco WebEx 2-way video:


    Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX650



    Amazon Kindle Fire based on Android 4.x



    Amazon Kindle Fire HD (7", 8.9")



    Dell Streak 10 Pro



    Fujitsu Arrows Tab



    Google Nexus 7"



    Motorola Xoom Xyboard (8.2", 10.1")



    Samsung Galaxy Tab (7.7", 10.1")



    Samsung Google Nexus 10



    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0"



    Samsung Galaxy Note 8



    Samsung Note 10.1"



    Samsung GT - N8000



    Sony Xperia Tablet Z2, Z3 Compact, S 9.4"



    Sony Tablet P



    Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2"



    Samsung Galaxy TabPRO (12.2", 10.1", 8.4")



Devices with Android OS lower than 3.0 do not support Cisco WebEx 2-way video. These devices will still support all other Cisco WebEx Meetings features.


Wearable Devices Support


You can start or join Cisco WebEx meetings from most Android wearable devices that support the minimum requirements.


The following smartphones have been tested and optimized for Cisco WebEx:


    LG Watch Urbane



    Motorola 360



    Sony Smartwatch 3



Language Support


Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android is available in the following languages:





    Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)





















    Spanish (Latin American and Traditional)









For all other device languages, WebEx Meetings for Android defaults to English.


Known Issues and Limitations in this Release

New Known Issues and Limitations


Recent Personal Room Meetings


Personal Room meetings joined using the desktop version of WebEx Meeting Center do not appear in the WebEx Meetings mobile app Recents screen. This is by design: Only Personal Room meetings joined using your Android device are added to the Recents screen.