Call Connector Release Notes

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Standard Upgrades for Call Connector


For Cisco Spark Hybrid Services, the minimum supported version of Expressway for the connector host is X8.9.




September 13, 2017


    Resolved the issue where no users were reactivated after a connector restart. This happened when the connector serviced more than a few thousand users.



    Resolved the issue where Call Connector stopped when it attempted to recover during a Cisco Spark cloud outage.



    Added support to display users' extension and telephone number in



    Resolved the issue where some UC devices don't show up in the Cisco Spark app for pairing. These devices were appearing twice in the Unified CM database.





July 21, 2017


    Fixed the issue where Call Connector updates the device depending on whether its status is in service or out of service.



    Added support to migrate CTI-RDs created for Call Service Connect to Spark-RD, if the Unified CM version supports it.



    Addressed HTTP proxy authentication issue to fix communication with cloud services.





July 14, 2017


    Fixed the issue where Cisco Spark for Mac showed unregistered devices under managed devices for users.



    Added support for activating and deactivating places configured with Hybrid Call Service Connect.





June 12, 2017

  • Enhancement to support Expressway 8.10 release.


  • Fixed the problem where a call answer/decline notification remains even after a call is answered on a device that is outside of desk phone control (for example, Extension Mobility or Single Number Reach).



    Resolved an issue of unnecessarily applying round robin logic for AXL queries to Cisco Unified CM.



    Added support to automatically clear alarms reported by Call Connector when network connectivity issues to Cisco Unified CM are resolved.



    Resolved an issue of incorrect message in Expressway Call Connector Administration when the Cisco Unified CM host name is not resolvable via DNS.



    Resolved the issue of phantom spaces with call progress indicator appearing stuck in the Cisco Spark app.



    Resolved the issue of Call Connector not cleaning up Cisco Spark SIP Addresses in its internal tables after user is deactivated.



    Added Spark Remote Device support for Cisco Unified CM version 12.0.


  • This connector release can support desk phone control from Cisco Spark when the feature becomes available.


    • Enhancement to support URIs that are greater that 100 characters for desk phone control calls to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Video (formerly CMR) meetings.



      Resolved an issue where answering a call through desk phone control would fail intermittently.



      Added support for using the Cisco Spark app in desk phone control mode to decline calls without considering the Calling Search Space of the incoming trunk.



      Resolved the issue of CTI Remote Devices and Spark Remote Devices reported as controllable in desk phone control mode.



      Added support to display only registered devices in the Cisco Spark app for desk phone control pairing.





March 31, 2017

  • Supports Spark remote device (Spark-RD) creation for Hybrid Call Service Connect for Unified CM 11.0(1a) SU3.


  • Supports deskphone control from the Cisco Spark app. From the app, deskphone control lets users make calls, answer calls, end calls, decline incoming calls, and generate DTMF when connected to an IVR system.


  • Auto-answer support detection on the primary DN for Spark-RD or CTI-RD device creation.


  • Fixed the broken Call Connector Status page on Expressway UI, when call connector is not running.


  • No alarms are generated by call connector for user activation failures. This information is available in Cisco Cloud Collaboration Management.





February 17, 2017

  • Supports resource groups, which allow admininstrators to associate users with a specific Expressway cluster that runs Hybrid Call Service.


  • Support release channels, which allow admininstrators to subscribe their resources groups to a specific software release channel.


  • Fixed incorrectly displayed Unified CM configuration information at Expressway UI after call connector upgrade.


  • Resolved the issue where call connector restarts after users are activated.


  • Added support to use the correct call connector timezone when performing user validations.


  • Resolved an issue in call connector where the activated user count was incorrect in certain conditions.