Pair Manually to a Cisco Spark Board

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Manual Pairing

If your device doesn't automatically pair to the Cisco Spark Board, you can add the Cisco Spark Board to your list of devices and select it manually. When you pair manually, you can't open a space on Cisco Spark Board. You can only share your screen on the Cisco Spark Board or use the Cisco Spark Board to make a call.



Manual pairing only works on Windows or Mac.


You can only pair manually to the Cisco Spark Boards in your own organization.


Add the Cisco Spark Board as a Calling Device

1    Click on your profile picture in the Cisco Spark app and go to Settings 
2    Go to Calling Devices
3    Type the name of the Cisco Spark Board.  

Cisco Spark searches for the beginning of the name. For instance, if the name is Cisco London Ubon, then a search for Ubon will not find the Cisco Spark Board.

4    Select the Cisco Spark Board you want to pair with and Save.  

The Cisco Spark Board will appear as an option when you start a screen share or a call.


Share your screen on Cisco Spark Board

1    Click in the top right corner of the app.  

The Share screen page appears.

2    In the search box, enter name or address of the Cisco Spark Board.
3    Click   

Your screen will now appear on the Cisco Spark Board.


Start a Call in a Space using a Cisco Spark Board



1    Choose a space from your Cisco Spark app.
2    Click to got to the Activity menu.
3    Click
4    Select the Cisco Spark Board from the dropdown list.
5    Click .  

You are now in a call with the members of the space via the chosen device.


Start a Call Using a Cisco Spark Board


To call from the someone who is not in a space:

1    From the left pane on your Cisco Spark app, select     

You can see a list of recent and missed calls.

2    Enter the name or email address, or a video address above the dial pad. You can also enter a number using the dial pad.
3    Select a Cisco Spark Board from the dropdown list.
4    Click .  

You are now in a call with the via the chosen Cisco Spark Board.