Check Your User Configuration for Hybrid Call Services

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With the user validation check, you can check whether Cisco Unified Communications Manager users are properly configured for Hybrid Call Service Aware and Hybrid Call Service Connect. The test checks all the configuration prerequisites, such as email, directory URI, and CTI remote device settings. To assist with your configuration or troubleshooting, you can save any user errors or warnings as a CSV file.


To prevent activation errors, we recommend that you run this test and address any configuration issues before you activate users for Hybrid Call Services in Cisco Cloud Collaboration Management.

1    From the Expressway-C connector host, choose Applications > Hybrid Services > Call Service > Unified CM Servers, and choose the registered Cisco Unified Communications Manager that you want to check.
2    Perform one of the following steps:
  • Upload a CSV file of a user list if you want to check the configuration of specific user accounts, and then click Run (Specific User List).
  • Click Run (All Users) to check the configuration of all the user accounts registered to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  A report appears with user accounts that contain configuration errors or warnings.
3    Save the information as a CSV file and use it as a checklist to fix user and system settings in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
4    Address any configuration issues in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager device and user settings.

For users that are already in an activation error state, their accounts recover from the error in 24 hours if your configuration changes were successful. You might want to wait for the recovery if you have a large user base.

5    (Optional)If you have a smaller user base, after you make the changes, to recover from the errors sooner than 24 hours:
  1. Open the affected user accounts in Cisco Cloud Collaboration Management.
  2. Disable and re-enable Call Service to pick up the changes.