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Troubleshooting Tips to Join a Meeting


If you need immediate help to join a meeting, try one of the following:

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies.


  • Try a different browser.


  • Copy and paste the meeting URL directly into the browser.


  • Set up WebEx on your PC or MAC.


    Although Meeting Center is automatically set up when you join a meeting, you can save time by setting up your session on Windows or Mac in advance.


    On the Meeting Center site, select Set Up > Meeting Center and then click Set Up.


    The URL in the meeting invite contains the site information


Join a Meeting from an Email Invitation

1    Click the join link in the meeting invitation mail you received.

The emails will look slightly different depending on whether the meeting was scheduled from the WebEx site or scheduled from Microsoft Outlook.


Scheduled from WebEx site


Scheduled from Microsoft Outlook



2    On the  Meeting Information  page, enter your name and your email address and click  Join.
3    To join the audio, at the bottom of the audio button, click  More Options.
4    Select one of the following options:
  • Call Me—Enter a phone number, click Call Me. You will receive a call and may be prompted to press  1  to connect.
  • I Will Call In—Dial the phone number shown on your screen. When prompted, use your telephone keypad to enter the access code, and the Attendee ID shown on your screen.
  • Call Using Computer—Choose this option to connect to audio using VoIP. If you need to adjust your speaker and microphone settings, click  Audio + Computer Audio Settings  in the menu bar.
  • Call My Video System—Enter your video system address. Click  Call Me  to connect using your video conferencing device.
5    To mute or unmute yourself at any time, select the microphone icon.

Join a Personal Room Meeting

1    Do one of the following:
  • If you received an email invitation, select the link in the email invitation. The host's Personal Room Information page appears.
  • Copy the Personal Room URL and paste it into the address bar of the browser and press enter. The host's Personal Room Information page appears.
  • On your WebEx site, select Attend a Meeting, and then enter the host's Personal Room ID.
    Note       You can find the host's Personal Room host ID in the Personal Room URL. For example, if the Personal Room URL is, the host’s Personal Room host ID is jparker. The Personal Room Information page appears.
2    Select Join.
3    Choose your audio connection. You can receive a call on your phone, you can call in, or you can use your computer to connect to the meeting audio.

If your site supports it, you can also connect to audio and video using a video conferencing system, or you can receive a call from the meeting to your video conferencing system.

Join a Meeting from Your Mobile Device

1    Open the email invitation on your mobile device and tap Join WebEx Meeting.

If you previously installed Cisco WebEx Meeting application on your mobile device, it launches automatically. Otherwise, the installation page appears. Follow the prompts to install the application.

2    Enter your login information and password, if required. You are connected to your WebEx meeting.
3    To connect to audio, choose one of the following options:
  • Call Me— Select this option to receive a call to your phone.

    If you have not entered your phone number previously, when you tap  Call me, you are prompted to enter a phone number for your call back. Depending on your default audio settings, the meeting might call your device automatically.  Accept  the call to be connected to the meeting audio.

  • Call Using Computer— If you have a WiFi connection, connect using VoIP.

Connect to WebEx Audio

To connect to audio for the first time:

1    On the Quick Start page, select Connect to Audio 

2    Select one of the options to connect to audio:
  • Call Me—The system calls you back, saving you long-distance charges. Include the area code and the seven-digit local phone number. You cannot receive the Call Me service if your organization uses extension numbers or if your site does not support this service.
  • I Will Call In—Call the phone number listed and enter the requested information.
  • Call Using Computer—You are connected through the Internet.

When you connect to audio, you see your previous audio connection method already selected. For example, if you previously used Call Me, the next time you use WebEx, you see a Call Me button with the last phone number you used.


To connect with a different method or different phone number, select More Options under your current audio connection method. You see the same options you selected the first time you connected to audio.


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