Join by dialing the video address

Dial the video address from the calendar invite or from the meeting information page.


Open the virtual keyboard or get the remote control for your video system.

For example, tap Call and then tap the keyboard button on the keypad.


Dial the video address in one of the following formats:

  • <meeting_number> for a scheduled Webex meeting
  • <Personal_Room_ID>.<site_name> for an instant or scheduled Webex Personal Room meeting
  • IP address for an instant or scheduled Webex Personal Room meeting or a scheduled Webex meeting. Enter the meeting number when prompted.

    IP dialing is not available for FedRAMP-authorized Webex offerings.

Enter the numeric meeting password, if prompted.

The numeric meeting password is only needed for scheduled Webex meetings, not Webex Personal Room meetings.


When prompted, do the following:

  • If you are the host, enter the host key or host PIN, as appropriate, followed by the pound sign # to start the meeting.
  • If you are not the host, enter the pound sign # to join the meeting.

Join by tapping the Join button

If your Webex site and account support joining meetings from Cisco TelePresence systems or Cisco Webex video devices, you can use One Button to Push (OBTP).

To enable OBTP, your site must have the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite and TelePresence Management Suite Extension.

When your TelePresence room is added as a room resource, tap Join Meeting directly on the device.

If the host has not yet joined, you may be asked to enter the host PIN and press # to join the meeting. If a numeric password is required on joining, even if the host has already joined, you must always enter this password followed by # to join.