All the core Webex capabilities are supported in a single app to help you seamlessly collaborate. We're continuing to work towards supporting the same features that are available on Webex App for Windows with what's available on Webex App for Linux.

Linux distribution support

We support the following distros:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04, and 22.04

  • RHEL 8.2 and 8.3

Release schedule

Since late 2022, we release the Webex App for Linux once every third month. The release schedule and associated version numbers are:

  • February, version 4x.2 (so February 2023 release is version 43.2)
  • May, version 4x.5
  • August, version 4x.8
  • November, version 4x.11

Coming soon

The Webex App for Linux will soon support the following features:

  • Application share (Wayland)

  • Screen share (Ubuntu 22.04 with Wayland display protocol)

  • Optimization for image/text or video when sharing your screen

  • Remote desktop control

  • Device connections

  • Virtual background

  • Hardware acceleration

  • Background noise removal

  • Call control of third-party headsets

    (EPOS headsets are supported)
  • Voicemail (Unified CM)

  • Contact Center support (Unified CM)

  • Webex Calling

  • Webex for Service Providers

Recommended minimum system requirements

  • Core requirements: Intel Dual-Core CPU 2.XX GHz or AMD processor (4 GB of RAM minimum recommended)

  • Display Protocols: x11 and Wayland

  • Desktop environment/Window Manager: GNOME/Mutter and KDE/KWin recommended.


To support the Orca screen-reader, you must include ACCESSIBILITY_ENABLED=1 in your environment.

Known issues

  • The Webex App for Linux is not supported in Webex for Government.
  • Tile-based window managers are not supported by Webex App.

    With i3 window manager installed or other tiled window managers, you can experience some odd behavior with the reply or edit message windows. Such as windows intermittently disappearing, windows not positioned correctly on screen, windows may appear floating on top of the app.

    You can apply some workarounds to prevent the windows disappearing:

    • For i3 window managers, in the i3-msg config file set "focus_follows_mouse no". This will apply to focus on all apps.
    • For KDE, in the KDE 3.5 Control Center, select Desktop > Window Behavior, click Advanced tab, and un-check Hide utility windows for inactive applications.
  • Currently only 16-bit depth audio input is supported. Microphones with 24-bit sampling aren't expected to be compatible.

  • Users on tiling window managers, such as i3, may experience focus issues when trying to search. It may require several mouse clicks into the search box to regain focus after typing.

  • Configuring proxies using KDE System Settings is not currently supported.

  • Linux clients aren't supported for end-to-end encryption.

  • Changing scaling using fractional scaling in the system settings isn't supported.

  • To use EPOS headsets with Webex App for Linux, RedHat users must do the following:

    1. Download the latest webex.rpm version of Webex App

    2. Uninstall the previous version

    3. Use administrator privileges (sudo command) to reinstall the new version of the app

X11 limitations when sharing your screen or application

  • You can see the share control bar but you're not able to preview your share from there.

  • When you share certain applications, such as Google Chrome, the red border displays a shadow effect around the application window.

  • You're unable to change your system display settings while sharing your screen or application.

  • The resolution of the area you're sharing must be less than or equal to 4096 x 4096 p, regardless of what you're sharing.

Verify signature

Verify signature

You can verify the cryptographic signatures. The key webex_public.key is available on this downloads page.


Import the public key:

gpg --import webex_public.key


Install the dpkg-sig package

sudo apt-get install dpkg-sig


Check the cryptographic signature:

dpkg-sig --verify Webex.deb



sudo apt-get remove webex

Verify signature

Verify signature

An admin can verify the cryptographic signatures, the key webex_public.key is available with the package on the downloads page.


Import the key

sudo rpm --import webex_public.key


Verify the signature

rpm --checksig Webex.rpm



sudo yum remove webex