When your device is in personal mode, you can:

From Cisco Webex Settings , you can get your activation code without having to be an administrator. You can use this activation code to set up your device for the first time or to re-register it.

  • If you have a new device or one that has been registered to another call service, it needs to be running software version CE9.0.1 or later.

  • Users with a Webex Calling professional license can use their personal room system device to make (or receive) external calls using a phone number or use extension-based calling from the device.

  • Your personal meetings show up on your device 5 minutes before they start. It is possible to hide meeting details, so the meeting titles don't appear on the device.


If your device has been previously registered to Cisco Webex or to another call service, factory reset your device first.

Select the device name on the home screen and go to Settings . Select Factory reset and confirm that you want to reset the device.


From Cisco Webex Settings , create a new device by selecting My Devices and Generate Activation Code . The activation code is also sent to your email.


Go through the setup wizard on your device. When you come to Choose a call service, select Cisco Webex and type in the activation code you created.

Finish the wizard steps and your device is ready for use.


After the setup, you can see your device on Cisco Webex Settings under My Devices . From this page, you can also change the device name and deactivate it.

To change the device name, select icon and Device Settings . Use a descriptive name that makes it easier to recognize the device, for example Lisa's Home Office.