Webex Assistant is available in Webex Meetings and Webex Webinars (not available for webinars in webcast view).

Beginning with the 41.5 update, Webex Assistant is also available in Webex Webinars webinar mode.

In addition to Meetings and Webex Webinars, with the 41.7 update, Webex Assistant is also available for the Webex App. Meetings started or joined from a space don't support Webex Assistant.

Voice Commands

Simply ask the Webex Assistant to do things like create actions items, take notes, and even set up future meetings or and webinars with just your voice. Use the wake phrase “OK Webex” followed by a command to create a highlight.

You can't customize the wake phrase.

You can't control the volume of Webex Assistant.

If you're also using Webex Assistant for devices, see Use Webex Assistant in a meeting, event, or on a device.

Voice command

Voice command example

Example highlight in the Highlights Tab

OK Webex, create an action item...

OK Webex, create an action item to review the slide deck.

Action item

OK Webex, create an agenda...

OK Webex, create an agenda for this meeting to review our go-to-market release.


OK Webex, create a decision...

OK Webex, create a decision to move ahead with the latest proposal.

Action item

OK Webex, create a note...

OK Webex, create a note that we updated the proposal.


OK Webex, create a summary...

OK Webex, in summary, we are moving ahead with Friday's release plan.


OK Webex, create a task...

OK Webex, create a task to review the list of candidates.

Action item

OK Webex, ...highlight that

OK Webex, the conference presenter canceled at the last minute, highlight that.


OK Webex, schedule a follow-up meeting...

OK Webex, schedule a follow-up meeting for Monday at 3:00 P.M.

Action item

Webex Assistant schedules a Webex Meeting with the current attendees on the time and date specified.


Using any of the following keyword phrases will automatically trigger important moments in the conversation. Speak naturally and the Webex Assistant captures the important moments and include them in your post-meeting notes.

The keyword phrases aren't customizable currently.

During your meeting or webinar, these moments use the Action item, Decision, and Note labels but these labels can be changed later on your Webex site.

Keyword group

Keyword phrases

Action item

  • Action item(s)

  • Can you schedule?

  • Follow up on

  • Follow up with

  • Next step(s)

  • Please schedule

  • We need to schedule

  • We should schedule


  • The decision is

  • We agree


  • Capture that point

  • Take a note

Get to know Webex Assistant

Voice Command

OK Webex, are you there?

OK Webex, tell me a joke

OK Webex, what can you do?

OK Webex, what is your name?

OK Webex, hello

OK Webex, what are you up to?

OK Webex, who made you?

OK Webex, what languages do you speak?