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Webex Teams | Join a Meeting from a Calendar Invite

When you get invited to a Webex standard meeting, Personal Room meeting, or team meeting, you'll get an invite in your calendar application.

When it's time to meet, join using one of the options in the invite:
  • Select the meeting link.
  • Dial the video address to join from a standards-based video system.
  • Use the Join by phone information to join from your phone. For information about using your phone for meetings, see Webex Teams | Join a Meeting Using Your Phone.

On iPhones or iPads using iOS 11.2 or later, you can join Webex standard meetings, Personal Room meetings, and team meetings directly from your calendar invite by tapping or from a meeting notification.

If you're having trouble joining a Webex team meeting, it may be because the meeting has reached full capacity. The number of people who can join a Webex team meeting can vary, depending on the account type of the person who created the space associated with that meeting. For more information, see Meeting Capabilities and Meeting Sponsors in Cisco Webex Teams.

If the meeting is associated with a space that you're not a member of, you'll wait in the lobby until another member of the space has joined.

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