Blurring your background makes your surroundings appear out of focus so people can't see the details of what's going on behind you. Virtual backgrounds completely replace your surroundings with one of the preset backgrounds.

On a Mac, you can blur your background in meetings and events using the Webex Meetings desktop app. On iOS devices, you can use blurred or virtual backgrounds in meetings, events, and training sessions using the Webex Meetings mobile app.

For WBS40.6 sites and later, you can blur your background before you join a meeting or during a meeting.

To use blurred backgrounds, your Mac must be an iMac version 12.2 or later with macOS High Sierra (version 10.13) or later and have a processor with more than two cores.

You can blur your background before you join or at any time during the meeting.

  • Before you join, click Change Background and then click Blur.

  • During a meeting, in your self-view window, click the Menu icon and choose Change Virtual Background. Select Blur and then click Apply.

For WBS39.8 sites and later, you can change your background after you join a meeting. If you don't want anyone to be distracted by your surroundings before you set your virtual background, join the meeting with your video turned off.

To use virtual backgrounds for WBS40.2 sites and earlier, your site administrator needs to enable Display user avatars in the meeting client (Meetings) in Common Site Settings.

Virtual backgrounds and background blurring are supported only on the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 7 or later

  • iPad Pro


Tap Video , and then tap Virtual Background.


Do one of the following:

  • To blur your surroundings while remaining in focus, tap Blur.

  • To use a default virtual background, tap the one you want.

  • To use your own image for the virtual background, tap the + icon.

Change your video background in Webex Meetings

When you're ready for everyone in the meeting to see your background, tap Apply. Webex remembers your selection for your next meeting.