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How Do I Find the Global Dial-In Number for My Meeting?

If your site has the option enabled, your meetings can be set to use Global Call-In Numbers.

How do I find the global dial-In number for my meeting?

What are the telephony dial-in numbers?

What are the international call-in numbers for the EMEA Bridge?

What is the toll-free number for my country?

How do I access a list of international dial in numbers available to my attendees?

Important Note:

  • The call-in numbers for your meeting will vary depending on which teleconference option was selected and the Webex site your meeting is held on.
  • To use the international teleconference numbers, your Webex site must be enabled for Global Call-In Numbers and the meeting must be set to use Global Call-In Numbers. Otherwise, only United States/Canada numbers will be available and international callers will receive a voice error message. See: WBX28758 - I Receive Error 4016 when Trying to Join the Teleconference
  • To use toll-free numbers, that option must be enabled by the host when the meeting was scheduled.
To view the list of teleconference numbers for your site before your meeting:

Check your Email Invitation

  1. Under the section to join the audio conference, look for a link to access the Global call-in numbers.

    Note: If this link does not appear, check with the meeting host to find out if they chose to 'Show global call-in numbers' when scheduling the meeting. If this option was not selected, you may only see U.S. and Canada dial-in numbers.
  2. Click the link to view the global call-in numbers.

To get the global call-in numbers when you join your meeting:

  1. An Audio and Video Connection prompt will appear when you join your meeting. Select I Will Call In in the drop-down.
The 'Audio Connection' dialog box appears.
  1. Click on the link for All global call-in numbers:
User-added image

The 'global call-in numbers' will appear in a pop-up window.

If you do not see the Global Call-In option:

If toll-free numbers are not appearing:
  • Check with the host of the meeting. The meeting may not have been scheduled with the Enable and display Toll-Free number option enabled. If so, only the toll numbers will work.

If your country is not listed:

Not every country has dial-in numbers. Also the available numbers vary depending on the telephony domain for the site.

  • Try dialing the nearest country's toll number (Note that this will result in toll charges)
  • Try connecting using the Call Using Computer option, and VoIP audio.

Be aware of the following:

  • Calling a toll-free number from another country may incur toll charges.
  • Neither Webex nor the host is responsible for any phone or toll charges incurred while using the teleconference service.
  • If the site uses a United States telephony domain, the US numbers will not be displayed on the global call-in list. Sites that use the United Kingdom telephony domain will not display the UK numbers on the global call-in list. Refer to your email invitation for the US/UK dial-in information. This number will also be displayed after joining into the Webex meeting.
Important Note: ­

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